While the world is looking after cleaning all the surfaces and getting rid of bacteria, we believe you must also take a look at your makeup drawer and get it cleaned. Want to know why? Well, you must have heard that the virus has tendency to live on surfaces ranging from hours to even days and makeup is no exception.

We see most of the palettes and makeup tools which are made up of plastic and steel and such material which is prone to getting infected with corona virus so it is safe to assume that makeup will also be contaminated. You should definitely keep a close eye on your beauty products and see who uses it because any ill or sick individual can transfer their germs very easily.

While we are discussing the life span of virus, we would like to state that there are no researches yet proven on if the virus can live on makeup product itself and not only on the container. Though we would still recommend using sanitization services and sanitizing cleaning companies in Dubai for help, which can help you in getting rid of the infection lying around your house especially on your beauty products.

But the researches also suggest that virus is killed by alcohol so the beauty products which contain high concentration of alcohol may be effective in deactivating the affects of virus. This is just a theory which is yet to be tested but it does make sense when you closely look through it.

With that all being said, one beauty tool which can certainly always use cleaning is your makeup brushes. Makeup brushes are mostly made of plastic and the synthetic fiber used in its bristles is something which can very easily catch viruses. Now that we are all in a lockdown, cleaning brushes can become sort of a hobby and time pass which means that you get to clean and spend some quality time with your beauty products.

While you can very easily spritz up your makeup with 70% alcohol you still need to be sure of the fact that you are actually killing the virus instead of giving them a breeding ground. If you have been facing some symptoms of illness or coronavirus it is good idea to stay away from makeup because the bacteria could still be breeding in there.

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