IT companies in Dubai who want to thrive in the world of technology and be ranked amongst the best in business would need to take some bold decisions. It is recommended to keep finding out ways to gain competitive advantage over fellow competitors perhaps by dealing in sale of Pabx system throughout Dubai

The need to be innovative: IT companies need to realize they cannot make their mark in the industry by persisting with the same tried and tested strategies. To better explain it, using the analogy of evolution in Industrial Revolutions over the centuries would be useful. Industry 1.0 consisted of mechanization of production as well as the use of steam power. Then it evolved into assembly line production(industry 2.0) which was based on Henry Ford’s concept of scientific management and it still works in today’s modern world. Then came industry 3.0 known as the era of partial automation by using basic computers and now the world is witnessing a change in the industry through  introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology(Industry 4.0). This goes to show that similarly the IT industry has to adapt to the ever changing environment of the modern world.

Launching new and innovative products: Firms that are heavily reliant on telephonic calls owned by a telephone company, find it very difficult to make phone calls with ease. There would be times when the phone call gets disconnected because of the length of the wire or there is the question of privacy when making a call and the individual could not move to another location. This would not be the case when buying an updated Pabx system from an IT company. Literally an individual gets to make phone calls without having to compensate on their bills since the phones would be using Internet Protocols to carry calls.

Different types of Pabx systems: There are three types of PABX systems namely the Virtual PABX, the IP PABX and Analogue PABX. Each of these have distinct functions. Virtual PABX is a telephonic switchboard system which is hosted at a Internet Service Provider and operates through the usage of cloud technology. The IP PABX  is low on budget and at the same time simplifies and improves communication. It also contributes greatly in improving a firm’s productivity. Analogue PABX  bears fruitful results by reducing cost of expansion, caller ID increases efficiency and lastly voice- processing integration improves productivity.