How to Properly Maintain Your E-Cigarette

While traditional cigarettes don’t need to be properly maintained, they can be disposed of safely. On the other hand, E-cigarettes do require some basic maintenance, which we’ll outline below. First, keep the e-liquid out of reach! Next, clean the 510 connectors and atomizer coils. And finally, remember to keep your vape away from water. And last, don’t forget about the wicking material! If you are into a vape, read here about where to buy vape in Dubai.

Cleaning 510 connectors

Cleaning the 510 connectors on your vape pen is an easy way to maintain the functionality of your device. To do this, use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl to clean the pin and threads of the connector. Wipe away any e-liquid or dirt from the connections, working clockwise. If you notice the lights on the charger continue to blink, replace it.

Cleaning wicking material

You should clean your coils, wicking material, and atomizer regularly to ensure that it functions properly and gives you the best taste. Cleansing the coils should be done monthly, preferably more often if you are a regular user. Cleaning alcohol and vinegar should be used with extreme caution. To ensure that the coil and metal rod stay dry, you can use a blow dryer.

Cleaning atomizer coils

Cleaning atomizer coils are essential for keeping your vape in good condition. If not done regularly, your coils may not perform properly or even fail to provide the right amount of vape juice. Regular cleaning will keep your vapes performance at its peak and prolong its life. You should also ensure that you have sufficient e-liquid levels in the tank. In this article, you will discover how to clean atomizer coils properly.

Keeping e-liquid out of reach

Keeping e-liquid out of the reach of children is vital to preventing poisoning. The dangers of vaping e-liquid are well-documented. A recent study revealed a dramatic increase in calls for e-cigarette poisoning. As the use of these products continues to grow, so will the number of cases of accidental nicotine poisoning.

Keeping e-liquid out of extreme temperatures

The summer months can be challenging for vapors, so keeping your vape device cool in the summer can help maintain your e-liquid’s freshness. Once e-liquid reaches about 40 degrees Fahrenheit, it decomposes, changing color, viscosity, and flavor. Even high-VG e-liquids will lose flavor when they are chilled.