There are enough mesmerizing beauties to compel you to get your New Zealand immigration Dubai ready and travel across the world. But there are still some things that you are unaware of which is why we are here to enlighten you with these cool fun facts that will make you believe in your decision all the more:

  • Friendly locals

One of the biggest things that people are scared of is the community they leave behind in order to settle in a completely new and different place where they don’t know anyone which makes adjusting a huge problem. But in New Zealand, the locals are extremely proud of their homeland and their culture which they are more than welcome to share with others. The moment they see someone new or lost, they will point them in the right direction and offer advice about the beauties that you must see of their place.

  • Biodiversity that poses no threat

New Zealand being an island itself has many different species of birds to offer and when you take a look at its wildlife you will see it spreading far and wide sometimes even found at the local areas. But don’t worry as the wildlife possess no threat to the humans unless it’s the other way around. There are approximately 26 different species of birds found and yellow eye penguins being one of them. As it is an island marine life is and will always remain a special part of the place.

  • Maori culture

Maori village makes up for more than fifteen percent of population of the whole New Zealand as these are the people who arrived the earliest in the country approx thousand years ago. They have a diverse culture and history along with a language that is truly fascinating. You can experience the Maori village deep into the forest where they treat you to Haka – a grand feast and share proud stories of their ancestors, wars and ancient traditions that they believe and follow. One can even sleep like them in a Moa deep into the forest amongst the creatures that lurk in the dark but their beliefs stand strong.

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