Your teeth will grow only once after they grow back again from the falling age. But some people still lose their teeth due to accidents, according to American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, people in United States at the age of 75 lose all of their teeth, decay, root canal fails or due to gum infections. But don’t think you can’t have another set of teeth; dental implants come to save your smile and bring back your confidence. In the old days, dentist just used to fill the gaps and these fillings used to come out while eating something or some people even reported of swallowing it. But dental implants have gained a lot of popularity in the recent years because dental implants provide more natural look. They are most likely a cosmetic surgery.

What is more beneficial than having your teeth back and everything good has a big price to pay! The good thing about dental implants your teeth become stronger than before. Because, implants use screws and different framework made up of titanium alloy. Titanium is said stronger that steel. But having implantation is a painful process. First the surgeons have the implant a frame with your jawbone and ask you to come back after 6 months and in those 6 months you can’t eat properly or can’t eat a lot of stuff because the frame has to infuse with your jawbone. Even you can’t open your whole jaw. After these 6 months the surgeon puts some other screws and implants and you are all set to go.

You must be thinking with all those screws and framework, your mouth might make different sounds. This is the beauty of these implants that they look natural, no one can tell that you have a cyborg mouth. Then again some people develop infections due to these implants and they have to visit the dentists over and over again. These infections can also cause bone loss and people have to put more implants. These implants are very expensive, but if you are a UAE resident and have a health card then you can visit any dental implant clinic in Abu Dhabi, why only Abu Dhabi because they have the cheapest rates around the world.

Braces are used to align your teeth but some people may face gum swelling. And if you are in UAE and you don’t smile because your teeth are not aligned, there are some of the best world class clinics who provide cheap dental braces in Abu Dhabi.